Welcome to Bukurama, a project of Studioleng, a design studio I set up here in Singapore when I decided to work for myself in 2007.

This is where I share my hobby in handmade books and book arts.

I design books and magazines in my day job as a graphic designer. But afterhours, handmade books is recreation for me.

This blog documents my projects, thoughts, ideas and interesting stuff I come across.

Come discover the art and joy of handmade books!

S.T. Leng (Mr)
Graphic designer
Bukurama handmadebooks

• More about my day job at Studioleng here.

• If you are interested in crafts in general, you can also browse my other blog DesignSpotlight about creative designs from Southeast Asia. I get inspiration from many of the artists there.



Lambeth tile design as cover for an “Envelope Book” kids’ bookbinding workshop in Singapore.




Indian papers, felt (left) and perforated.

Fold papers, cut boards, select materials - anyone can do this!

Cloth is nice too, but tricky for me.

Japanese stab bindings in hardcover.

Miniature Japanese stab bindings in hardcover.


Planning and visualisation. More about this here.


A nice paper is always an inspiration.


Simple lines.



A spiral is real easy to fold.


An advertisement for my bookbinding workshops in Penang, Malaysia.



Everyone can make a book!

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