Class: Secret Belgian Stitch with Chiyogami papers



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A beautiful technique

I first learnt Secret Belgian Stitch from a book.

And thought it was such a beautiful technique — and it is not as complicated as it looks!

So after some practice and exploration with materials and variations, I decided on a Secret Belgian Stitch workshop with Japanese Chiyogami paper.


A bookbinding class in Penang

The first class was held in Penang on June 10, 2017, with a second in Singapore on August 12, 2017.

The Japanese Chiyogami papers for both classes are from my trip to Tokyo last year. I wanted everyone to use good quality, very beautiful materials.

Afterall, how often do you handmake a book?

The Penang workshop was held at Constant Gardener Coffee on Light Street.

For this class, I decided to make some gold spines myself — acrylic on grey boards — to match the gold accents found on many of the Japanese papers.


Here are some photos from the workshop in Penang.


Experimenting with a special spine

For the class in Singapore, I decided to try a new material — a transparent spine.


I had earlier made a sample with a clear acrylic spine to better show the structure of the book. It was my teaching aid.

Then I thought a see-through spine would be quite a novelty for the participants.

So I made that option available at the workshop.


The workshop was held at Heartistry Singapore.

Here are some photos.


It is always a thrill for me to see the results from a workshop.

I hope the participants will go on to make more books and when ready, teach and share the art and craft of bookbinding.


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