‘Your Name’: Criss-crossing of realms


Film as inspiration

I first heard about this film ‘Kimi No Nawa” from my nephews, who are always up-to-date with anime culture.

Then while on a business trip to Japan last year, I managed to see what they were raving about.

The film had by then become the biggest animated film in Japanese cinema history, and was on its way to conquer the world.

And it did, becoming the highest-grossing anime film and 7th highest-grossing traditionally animated film worldwide.

Young audiences

“It was the young audiences that recognised the greatness of director [Makato] Shinkai, spreading the news about the film at great speed on social media,” said the CEO Yoshishige Shimatani of the film’s studio-distributor Toho.

I loved everything about it — the visuals, the locations, the music, the fantastic body-swopping, time-shifting storyline. Even if it was a bit hard to follow.

It was so entertaining and moving, I told my Japanese colleague she has to go see it.

There is a scene that I felt was particularly beautiful, which became a bookbinding idea.


It’s the twilight time called “kataware-doki”, when it’s neither day nor night, when realms intersect and the impossible happens.

This is when the two protagonists from different timelines met — so very briefly, just enough to know they have known each other.

The purples and oranges are exquisitely rendered for this moody, magical scene.


Let’s make a book

I roughly know what I had wanted to make — nothing too complicated.

First, make my own paper.




Then start stitching. A dark threat and a light thread – so that they will cross each other. Like the criss-costing of timelines in the film.





Make a pair.



Watch the trailer:


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