Class for Kids: Pop-up Penang Hill

Make it pop up

Children’s bookbinding classes allow me to try unusual but fun ideas.

It’s a creative challenge that always yields something interesting.

But my goal was also for everyone to enjoy the class. So nothing too complicated — but 100 per cent fun, unique and memorable.


Local flavour

In November 2016, at the beginning of the year-end holidays, I conducted a kid’s bookbinding class at Constant Gardener Coffee in Penang, Malaysia.

In a nod to one of Penang Island’s best loved tourist attractions, the class is called: Pop-up Penang Hill.


Class with a difference!


I designed and tested the idea until it worked.

You have to get the size, process and the level of difficulty right.

I knew what I had to prepare the materials precisely, so that it will be easy for all the kids to follow.

It was quite a bit of work, but I don’t expect anything good to come easily.


Fun with kids

A bookbinding class with kids is always fun. A big bright spot of the day!

I enjoyed showing them the bookmaking process and see how they work.

I also like to ask the students about their opinions on this and that and what they are learning in school.

Here are some snapshots — I am thrilled that all the students went home with something special!


Hard at work. You noticed some got blue hills, some, green hills, and yellow ones too.


This is how it is done.


We made it!


I am thinking of a new idea for a class. Stay tuned!

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