Art of the Accordion Book


Singapore Contemporary Printmaking Festival — an exhibition and activities for the public.

Print and show

The Singapore Art Week 2017 has a special component called Contemporary Printmaking Festival.

20 printmaking artists have come together to put on a showcase of their works and a series of activities.

The works on display were all made in the form of an accordion book, showing you how far this simple format can go in terms of construction, storytelling and creative possibilities.

Let’s take a look!


André Wee’s Folding Walls. See the windows? Great subject with a delightful element.


Chen Shitong’s Landing Book is about the history of Singapore. Beautifully produced!


Fyon Cheong’s The Observer: Bad Bricks is printed on canvas. Simple, curious and unforgettable.


Joseph Chiang’s On The Road. A meditation on the language of abstraction.


Lee Rui Xiang’s Paradise is a Feeling looks classical and Goth and tender and mad all at the same time. It’s a multilayered feeling!


Melvin Wong’s 12 zodiac (Sheng Xiao) is printed on a pearlescent silver board. So eye-catching!


Michelle Yu’s Book of Emergency: Solutions for the Broken-hearted has gold between the cracks. Creatively conceived with typography and fine, meticulous illustrations.


The gold leaf on the round covers of Michelle Yu’s book seem to say all the gold floating about in the universe are there to mend your heart.


Shin Young Park’s Book of Cures is about our notion of beauty, and uses medical tape! A quiet commentary on a harsh reality.


Winnie Yip’s Cosmic Space Carnival is full of curious characters and looks like a mini-futon. Wild imagination in a comforting format.


Ying Tong Tan’s Space Trash is silver ink printed on black paper – it’s stunningly beautiful. A piece that you must see in the flesh.


Zhang Fuming’s Success shows how he has mastered the art of woodcut to produce this eloquent commentary on the definition of success.

It’s a rare occasion that we get to see so many interesting interpretations of the printmaking medium, tackling numerous contemporary themes that even the man-in-the-street can relate to.

The exhibition also opened my eyes to new ways to construct and display an accordion book.

Kudos to the organiser Monster Gallery and all the artists behind it!


The Contemporary Printmaking Festival is on from January 11-22 at Capitol Piazza in downtown Singapore.


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