Quick tour: Japan Stationery Museum


Five-minute tour

That was all the time I had—I had spent too much time wandering around Asakusabashi area and got to this small museum at five minutes to closing time!

After nodding to the gentleman at the door upon arrival, I went straight through the entrance. No time to waste!

The museum was very small, and on that late afternoon, I was the only visitor.

Charming exhibits

But no matter, it was a true gem. An Aladdin’s cave for stationery fans like me.

Pencils, abacus, typewriters, pen nibs, fountain pens, books, ink stone, seals, calligraphy.

Look out for the hand-operated calculator, the portable brush and ink set, paper knives from around the world and the big brush made from the tail hair of 50 horses!

Let’s take a look!



I love this exhibit showing how a pencil is made.


On my way out, I stopped to sign the visitor’s book.

“Singapore!” the manager/receptionist exclaimed when he spied what I wrote.

And only then did I realised he spoke English!

Too bad they were closing, or I would have stayed on and chatted with him about the exhibit. He gave me a souvenir pen.

I shall return!

The Japan Stationery Museum

Open 10am – 4 pm on weekdays.

Nearest subway station: Asakusabashi.


If you want to know some good places to buy stationery in Tokyo, see my Bookbinder’s Trail Tokyo post here.


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