The Miniature Books of Tokyo

Little wonders

So this is Tokyo’s Miniature Book Society 2016 exhibition!

I was in luck when I stepped into Books Tokyodo bookshop in the Jimbocho area of Tokyo on October 21, 2016.

There was this whole shelf of mini books on display.

I recognised the name Miyako Akai, whose book I had bought in a previous trip to Japan. My admiration for her work is even greater now that I can see her masterpieces in the flesh.

It’s nice to see the works by other artists as well, who all have their unique styles.

Miniature Book Society Exhibition 2016

I salute the artists for their creativity, eye for detail, deft hands and tremendous patience.

Let’s take a closer look.


Books Tokyodo is on Suzuran-dori, which runs parallel to Yasukuni dori, the main road in Jimbocho, the “Book Town” or “Secondhand Book Area” of Tokyo.






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