Under the banana leaf


Tree to book

Last week, I decided to make a book with banana leaf.

Here in Southeast Asia, we have been eating rice and cakes out of banana leaf for as long as I can remember.

But the use of banana leaf as food wrapper is getting rare. Increasingly, they get replaced by wax paper.

At my parent’s house in Malaysia, we had a clump in the backyard. But many years ago it was removed during a renovation.

However, the roots must have survived and spread to our neighbour’s.

Now the banana trees on the other side of the fence are big and tall, and the leaves — beautiful in that sweet shade of green — reach back to our balcony.

Just improvise


So let’s make a book.

The veins on the leaf are not perfectly straight, so I had to thatched several pieces together, choosing a straighter side for one side of the cover.

The leaves were laid on top of an actual cover, and stab-bound into place.

For the inside pages, yellow paper of course.




Quick and simple. And fun to do.

How about some other leaf next time?






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