Stippling beauties

Twins in silk and cotton.

…stippling is a style of random-walk quilting. My friend Irene made some test pieces to fit the coverboards for me and this is the result of the experiment.

I had to get the batting (cushioning layer underneath the cloth) cut to size, leaving the extra cloth for folding over. I had some problem controlling the glue as I applied it to the boards… If there’s too much, the fabric gets stained.

See the embossed effect?

This one in Thai silk.

The books are A6 size, 96 pages, hardcover, linen thread, Coptic-binding, handmade.

I am using black paper for the inside.

You can see what I mean by glue stains along the edges in this photo – glue seeping through the fabric.

Coptic binding.

The shiny silk surface seems to bring out the raised surfaces better. But I like the less flashy cotton one too.

The padded covers is nice to the touch.


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