Perfectly imperfect white

Let white be white or whatever.

I had worried too much about using this white silk paper. It’s handmade in India, has perforated flowers and thread and gold strips sewn into it.

Very fragile and the sillk fibres unravel easily. I was thinking all the difficult scenarios. Then it dawned on me this is one of the prettiest paper I have and yet all I can think of are reasons NOT to use it. Isn’t that ridiculous? So I thought, what the heck, just do it. If it doesn‘t stay pristine, so be it.

Holes pierced.

Then I decided to do not one, not two , not even three but four!

And for this paper, I painted the boards white, for the white-on-white effect. Remember the paper is perforated, so the holes will expose the board underneath.

A6 handy size.

Chocolate endpaper.

Coptic binding in white thread.

Another one with silvery endpaper.

And another with dark blue paper with gold strips.

last one I decided to use black paper…

Four books ready for stitching.

And they all turned out fine! And perfectly imperfect, because it is handmade over a few days.

This paper is tactile, you must feel it to appreciate it.

A6 size, 96 pages, hardcover, cotton thread, Coptic-binding, handmade with pride!


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